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Know your Consumer Rights

Objectives of the Consumer Protection Act -1986

1. To ensure better protection of the rights of the consumers.

2. To provide speedy and effective redressal to consumer disputes.

3. To promote voluntary consumer movements and to safeguard the interest of consumers.

Extent and Coverage of the Act

1. The act applies to all goods and services.
2. It covers all the sectors whether private, public or co-operative.


Who is a Consumer ?


Buyer of any goods for a full or paid promised on consideration or under any system of deferred payment.
1. Use of such goods with the approval of actual buyer.
2. Hirer or receiver of any services for a fully or partly paid and partly promised consideration or under any system of deferred payment.



  Who can complain?


1. An affected consumer.
2. Any voluntary consumer organization registered under the Societies Act or Companies' Act 1956.
3. The Central & State Government.


Essentials of a complaint

1. The complaints must contain facts and allegations in writing.

2. The complainant or his authorized agent should file the complaints.

3. The complaint ought to have suffered injury or loss due to unfair trade practice, defective goods and deficiency of services or excessive price of goods.

4. The relief sought for.

5. The documents if any to get orders for one or more of the relief.


Relief available to consumers

Depending on the nature of relief by the consumer and facts, the redressals Forum may arrange to get orders for one or more of the relief.

a. Removal of defects from the goods.
b. Replacement of the goods.
c. Refund of the money.
d. Award compensation for the loss or injury suffered.
e. Removal of defects or deficiencies in service.
f. Discontinue the unfair trade practice or the restrictive trade practice or not to repeat it.
g. Not to offer the hazardous goods for sale.
h. Withdraw the hazardous goods from being offered for sale.

Services covered under the Consumer Protection Act -1986
Banking Service, Education, Electricity, Postal, Railways, Telephone, Housing (Govt., Private) Insurance, Transport, Private Hospital, Gold, Coop. Department, Civil Supplies, Registration Department, Courier Service, Private Lorry Service, Medicine, Cable TV, Auto, Printing Press, TV. Fridge, Washing Machine, Gas, etc.


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