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When we see a snake we move away from it because we know it is dangerous. If we touch a hot object we immediately take our hands of it.

If a plant is placed in a room with a window we would find that the growth of the plant takes place towards the window where there is sunlight.

Have you ever thought why all these things are happening? The reason behind this is that all living organisms have a well coordinated system within their body.

In the earlier lessons you have studied that the body of all living organisms is made up of cells.

These cells aggregate and differentiate to form tissues and assembly of different tissues forms different organs. The various organs perform their functions at the right time so that they can work together efficiently. Therefore, some form of control is needed to coordinate their functions.

For example, when we eat food, our eyes help in locating the food, our nose senses the food, our hand brings the food to our mouth and our jaw muscles help the teeth to chew the food.

When we touch a hot object our skin helps us to sense the heat, the nerves carry the impulse to the spinal cord, the spinal cord sends impulse to the muscles to contract and take off the hands.

All these activities occur in a coordinated manner.
In case of animals including man, the chemicals produced by ductless glands bring about coordination. This coordination by chemicals is brought about by the endocrine system.

On the other hand the nervous system consists of a series of nerve cells throughout the body. Signals from one part of the body are transmitted to another part through these nerve cells.

You know that our sense organs are gateways for receiving information or stimuli from the environment and help in maintaining a state of stability between the internal conditions of an organism and its external environment.

In this lesson we will learn about the nervous system, the endocrine system and the sense organs of our body.

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