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Origins of Social Differences

Birth is the main cause for social differences. Just because we are born in a community, we belong to it. There may be many drawbacks in it, but we cannot choose to change it. We can basically call it an accident. We belong to it simply because we were born into it.

  • We experience the social differences based on accident of birth in our everyday lives.
  • All the people around us differ in various aspects.
  • They may be male or female, tall or short, have different kinds of complexions, or have different physical abilities or disabilities.

But we cannot expect all these social differences to be based on accident of birth. A few differences are based on our choices.

  • What one wants to study, may be different from others in the same community
  • What kind of business or occupation one wants to take up may also be quite different.
  • Some do not believe God and are atheists
  • Some take to other religion than the one they are born into.


                              Education                                Occupation                                              


All these lead to formation of social groups that are based on our choices.

Not all social differences cause social divisions. One speciality of social differences is that it can divide similar people from one another, and can unite very different people.

Differences and similarities are shared by people belonging to different social groups.

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