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Income and Other Goals

There are some things which are common in almost all the people. The desire of the people is to work on a regular basis, earn better wages, and receive decent price for their crops or other products that they produce. They want more income. People also seek things like equal treatment, freedom, security, and respect of others and they hate any kind of discrimination, besides seeking more income. These can be called important goals of the people. In fact, in some cases, self respect and priority may be more important than more income or more consumption. This is because material goods are not all that we need to live. Though money or material things are not the only things for living, they play quite an important role in our life, since money is the thing with which one can buy things. It is one factor on which our life depends. But the quality of our life also depends on non-material things. For development, people look at a number of things. They don’t want to compromise. They want to have only the best.

National Development
As we have seen the different ways in which each one wants to seek development, their notion of national development will also be different. If we try to think what India has to do to develop, we'll get various ideas in our mind. We might think of various suggestions but may not be sure of any thing. As we had seen what development of a person is may not be the development for the other, even the ideas for the development of the country of one person may be contradictory and conflicting the idea of the other. However, can all the ideas be considered equally important? Or, how should one decide if there are too many conflicts. We must also think whether there is a better way of doing things and the idea which might benefit a large number of people.

National development is nothing but thinking about all these things. It is the development of a country in all aspects. If a country develops in a certain aspect, we can't call it national development. It is just a development in that field. 

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