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Since the money in our pocket cannot buy all the goods and services that we may need to live well, income by itself is not a completely adequate indicator of material goods and services that citizens are able to use. For example, there are many things which money can’t provide. For example, we cannot buy an atmosphere free from pollution, with our money. Actually for many of the important things in life the best way, also the cheapest way, is to provide these goods and services collectively. There are some states in India, where the knowledge of each and every aspect is given to people in quite an important way. For example, the people of Kerela are given proper knowledge about health care, and so the infant mortality rate is very low. And not only that, the health and nutritional status certainly likely to be better for the people of such states. Hence there is nothing to surprise us, if a country smaller than India, is much ahead of India in every respect and a big country like ours may not be ranked on par with that country. Not only that, there are some countries which have only half the per capita income of India, but their life expectancy and literacy levels may be much higher than India.

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