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  • With passing time there is always a need for change, to ensure the over all development of an individual in the society.
  • Development promises a real growth through changes and in light of these changes, it is worth examining the implications of a broad move to sustainability.
  • Landless Rural Labourers expect more days of work and better wages and also the local school to provide quality education for their children.
  • Urban Unemployed Youth, though highly educated, want to be employed atleast in small firms so that they can earn their livelihood.
  • The desire of the people is to work on a regular basis, earn better wages, and receive decent price for their crops or other products that they produce.
  • National development is nothing but development of the country in all the aspects.
  • Since the money cannot buy all the goods and services that we may need to live well, income by itself is not a completely adequate indicator of material goods and services that citizens are able to use.
  • Development should take place without affecting the environment.

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