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Sustainability of Development

Whenever we think about development of some country, even if it is developed one, we expect it to develop further, or at least remain the same. However, a number of scientists have been warning that the present type, and levels, of development are not sustainable since the second half of the twentieth century. Groundwater as we all know, is an example of renewable resources. These resources are replenished by nature as in the case of crops and plants. However, even these resources may be overused. For example, in the case of groundwater, if we use more than what is being replenished by rain then we would be overusing this resource.

The resources which will get exhausted after years of use, are called non-renewable resources. For example, we have a fixed stock on earth which cannot be replenished. In order to discover new resources we use the present ones. New sources in this way add to the stock. However, over time, even these will get exhausted. Consequences of environmental degradation are no longer specific to that particular country or state. So if we want to be benefited we will have to think of the environment as a whole. In general, the matter of development or progress is mutual. As responsible citizens of this country, we have to make the right move at the right time, and think of the nation as a whole rather than in individual terms.

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