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Electric Power

The electric power can be defined as the rate at which electric energy is dissipated or consumed in an electric circuit.
P = VI
One watt
It can be defined as the power consumed by a device when one ampere of current is operated at a potential difference of 1V.
1watt = 1 volt × 1 ampere = 1 VA
The SI unit of electric power is watt (W) and it is very small.
1KW = 1000 watt
The electrical energy can be defined as the product of power and time, the unit of energy is watt hour (W h).
One-watt hour
It is the energy consumed when 1 watt of power is used for 1 hour. The commercial unit of electrical energy is kilowatt hour (kWh) and it is commonly known as Unit.
1kW h = 1000 watt × 3600 second
= 3.6 × 106 watt second
= 3.6 × 106 joule (J)

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