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Secular State

Communalism is a major challenge to any democratic country. The makers of the Indian Constitution were aware of this challenge. They chose the model of a secular state. This choice is reflected in many of the constitutional provisions.

  • There is no official religion in India. In Sri Lanka the official religion is Buddhism and in Pakistan the official religion is Islam. Christianity is the official religion in England. The Indian Constitution does not give a special status to any religion. The Constitution provides to all individuals and communities the freedom to follow any religion of their choice.

Countries with Official Religions

  • The Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion.
  • At the same time the Constitution allows the state to intervene in the matters of religion in order to ensure equality within religious communities. It bans untouchability.

Secularism is the very foundation of our nation

  • It is not just an ideology of some parties or persons. 
  • simply pursue such autonomy by building voluntary, ideal communes or communities. Communalism should not be seen as a threat to some people in India. It threatens the very idea of India and it should be fought against.
  • A secular Constitution like ours is necessary but not sufficient to combat communalism.
  • Communal prejudices and propaganda needs to be countered in every day life and religion based mobilisation needs to be opposed in politics.

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