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Production across Countries

Until the middle of the twentieth century, production was largely organised within countries. Only raw materials, food stuff and finished products were exported to other countries. India exported raw materials and food stuff and imported finished goods. Trade was the main channel connecting distant countries.

Towards the end of the 20th century large companies called Multi National Corporations (MNCs) emerged on the scene. A MNC is a company that owns or controls production in more than one nation. MNCs set up offices and factories for production in regions where they can get cheap labour and other resources. The cost of production is reduced considerably due to cheap labour and the MNCs earn great profits.

MNCs not only sell their finished products globally, the goods and services are produced globally. Because of this global production , today’s consumer has a wide choice of goods and services at a very reasonable price. The concept of ‘foreign goods’ is totally irrelevant today. The latest models of digital cameras, mobile phones and televisions made by the leading manufacturers of the world are produced in our country , at our door step itself.

Let us see a MNCs in the Service Sector.

Cognizant Technology Solutions is a MNC

which provides end-to-end solutions in Consulting, Application Value Management, Application Development, Re-engineering, and Platform Consolidation across all major technologies. The company’s Head Quarters is in New Jersey, USA. The Company has Offices in the following countries. 

(i) Canada
(ii) United Kingdom
(iii) Germany
(iv) Switzerland
(v) France
(vi) Malaysia
(vii) Singapore
(viii) Australia
(ix) China
(x) India

Let us see a MNC in the Industrial Sector.

was a riverside paper mill in Southwestern Finland about a century ago. Today due to Globalisation it has spread its roots across many countries and is the global telecommunications leader.

NOKIA Across the Globe


Networks Technology

Mobile Devices and Enhancements


Great Britain
South Korea

The advantage of spreading out production across the borders for multinationals can be truly immense.

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