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The Struggle for a Fair Globalisation

As seen , globalisation has two sides - the positive and the negative. If a balance has to be brought about we should strive towards fair globalisation.

On one hand we have people with education, skill and wealth who have benefited from globalisation, on the other hand, there are the uneducated, less skilled people who have not benefited from it.

The government can play a major role in ensuring that the fruits of globalisation reach everyone, the educated and the uneducated, equally. Its policies must protect the interests, not only of the rich and the powerful, but all the people in the country.

The Indian Government should ensure that…

(i) Labour laws are properly implemented and the workers get their rights.

(ii) The government should support small producers to improve their performance till the time they become strong enough to compete.

(iii) If necessary, the government should use trade and investment barriers the protect small producers.

(iv) The government should negotiate at the WTO for ‘fairer rules’.

(v) It can also align with other developing countries with similar interests to fight against the domination of developed countries in the WTO.

Massive campaigns and representation by people’s organisations have influenced important decisions relating to trade and investments at the WTO. This has demonstrated that people also can play an important role in the struggle for fair globalisation.

Towards a Balanced Globalisation

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