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  • Genetic characters transmitted from ancestor to descendants through genes is called Heredity
  • The 'factors' responsible for heredity and variation were first detected and analysed by Mendel.
  • The DNA of the parents may influence the traits of the child.
  • Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884) is called the "Father of Genetics".
  • In maize, a plant much studied by geneticists, every diploid adult gives rise to both male and female structures.
  • The chromosomal mechanism of sex determination, otherwise known as heterogamesis, was first proposed by Correns in 1906.
  • Evolution proceeds from simpler forms to the more complex ones.
  • Speciation is the evolution of new species.
  • A fossil is any physical evidence of life in the geological past.
  • Fossilisation of a dead organism usually begins when the dead organism is buried before extensive decay sets in.
  • Embryology is said to have played a major role in evolutionary theory.
  • The fossil record indicates that modern horses have developed through a series of successive changes.

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