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Major Sea Ports


About 7500 long coast-line of India is served by 12 major and 181 medium and minor seaports. 90% of India's foreign trade takes place through these 12 major ports.

Major ports of India

Weat Coast East Coast
Kandla in Gujarat Kolkatta port in West Bengal
Mumbai in Maharashtra Haldia in West Bengal
Jawharlal Nehru port in Maharashtra Paradip in Orissa
Marmagao in Goa Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh
New Mangalore port in Karnataka Chennai in Tamil Nadu
Kochi in Kerala Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu



  • Kandla port - this tidal port was the first port to be developed after independence since Karachi port went to Pakistan. Mainly constructed to ease the pressure on Mumbai port. Serves the states of Jammu & Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Kandla tidal port

  • Mumbai port - Biggest port of India with natural and well sheltered harbours.

Busiest port of India

  • Jawharlal Nehru Port - The aim of constructing this port was to decongest the Mumbai port and serve as a hub port for this region.

  • Marmagao port - This port is known for iron ore export.50% of the iron ore export of India takes place from this port

Marmagao Port

  • New Mangalore port - This port of Karnataka is well known for exporting the iron ore mined out from Kudremukh mines.

Tanker discharging crude oil at New Mangalore port

  • Kochi port - This is a natural harbour located at the entrance of a lagoon.

Kochi Port

  • Tuticorin port - This port has a natural harbour and rich hinterland. This port also handles cargo of our neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka and Maldives

Export of sugar from Tuticorin Port

  • Chennai port - It is one of the oldest artificial port of India. It is the second busiest port after Mumbai.

Cargo at Chennai Port

  • Vishakhapatnam port - This port is the deepest land locked and well protected port. The main aim behind construction of this port was export of iron ore mined in Chattisgarh and surrounding region.

Land locked Vishakhapatnam Port

  • Paradip port - this port is located in Orissa and was initially constructed for the export of iron ore.

Iron ore being exported from Paradip Port

  • Haldia port - this port is located in West Bengal and was constructed to ease the growing pressure on Kolkata port.

Haldia Port

  • Kolkata port - This a a riverine port located on river Hooghly. This is a tidal port and requires constant dredging for maintaining the depth.It serves the Ganga-Bhramaputra basin which is a large and a rich hinterland.

Dredging at Hooghly

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