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Road Density

Density of road network gives an impression about fragmentation of the wildlife habitats and natural landscapes by active transport. Density is given as mean length of state roads per unit of land. Hereby it is expressed in km of state roads per 100 km2.

The distribution of roads is highly uneven in India. The road density is highest in Kerala with 375 Kms and the least in Jammu & Kashmir with just 10 Kms. The average road density in India is 75 Kms.

Problems faced by Indian Roadways

  • The road network is inadequate in India, keeping in view the number of passengers and volume of traffic.
  • About half of the roads are unsurfaced, which become muddy during the rainy seasons.
  • The national highways are inadequate.
  • They are highly congested in cities and their bridges and culverts are narrow.
  • Roadside amenities, like telephone, books, emergency health services and police protection on national highways, are poor and need improvement.

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