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  • Transport, communication and trade are very essential for the development of a country.
  • India has one of the largest network of roads in the world.
  • Roads of India are divided into six classes on the basis of capacity and administration.
  • Road density is highly uneven in India.
  • Railways are the principal mode of transport for goods and passengers in India.
  • The distribution pattern of the railway network in India is highly influenced by physiographic. economic and administrative factors.
  • Pipelines is a new and excellent means of transport for carrying water, oil and natural gas.
  • 95% of the India's trade takes place through waterways.
  • There are 12 major ports in india.
  • Airways are the fastest, comfortable and prestigious means of transport.
  • Air transport plays a very important role during emergencies.
  • The 2 means of communication are Personal communication and Mass communication.
  • Indian Postal network is the largest in the world.
  • More than two thirds of the villages in india have been covered with STD facility.
  • All India Radio or Akashavani provides radio service in India.
  • Doordarshan Provides television service in India.
  • News papers are published in about 100 languages and dialects in India.
  • The Central Board of Film Certification is the authority to certify Indian and Foreign films in India.
  • Trade is considered as the economic barometer for a country.
  • India has a unfavourable balance of trade. There is a vast potential of tourism development in many regions of India.

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