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  • Most of the growth in the economy comes from natural resources like coal, oil and gas especially.
  • The forest is a complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that have formed a buffer for the earth to protect life forms.
  • The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has defined forest as land with tree crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of more than 10% and area of more than 0.5 hectare.
  • In the tropical and subtropical region, forests are further subdivided into plantations and natural forests.
  • Ashoka the Great is said to have set up the first sanctuary to protect the forests and all life in it.
  • The British established ‘Reserved Forest’ blocks with hunting by permit only.
  • Water is naturally replenished by precipitation and naturally lost through discharge to the oceans, evaporation and sub-surface seepage.
  • Rainwater harvesting essentially means collecting rainwater on the roofs of buildings and storing it underground for later use.
  • Coal is the product of plants, mainly trees that perished tens or hundreds or millions of years ago.

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