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Importance of manufacturing

  • The economic strength of a country is measured or judged from the development of manufacturing industries.
  • Industries help in help in eradicating unemployment and poverty in our country by providing many people with jobs.
  • Industries help in modernising agriculture by manufacturing modern implements.
  • Export of manufactured goods brings foreign exchange.

Agriculture and industries move hand in hand as they produce thigs for each other.

Industries depend on agriculture for raw materials like cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds etc. Agriculture depends on agriculture for products such as fertilisers, irrigation pumps, pipes, machines and tools etc.

The planned development of manufacturing industries in the country began in 1951. Several factors contribute to the location of individual industries. These can be grouped into two categories: physical and human. Availability of raw materials, power resources, water, and favourable climate are physical factors, whereas labour, market, transport facilities, capital, banking facilities and government policies are human inputs.

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