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Uses of Non-Metals

  1. Non-metallic compounds, such as cement and glass have innumerable uses in modern civilisation. 
  2. Hydrogen is used in the hydrogenation of vegetable oils to make vegetable ghee. It is used in the manufacture of ammonia. Liquid hydrogen is used as a rocket fuel. 
  3. Sulphur is used extensively to prepare ointments. It is used to prepare sulphuric acid from which innumerable chemicals are prepared.
  4. Glass fibres are man-made materials which are used in medical treatment to exactly locate the spot of defect in the organic functions in the body.
  5. Carbon is used for making the electrodes of electrolytic cells and dry cells. 
  6. Oxygen is used as a supporter of combustion of many fuels, used at homes, factories, aeroplanes and missiles. The oxygen cylinders are used to help patients in breathing. The animals and plants use oxygen for respiration.
  7. Nitrogen is another element used by plants for fixation in the form of nitrates. We use atmospheric nitrogen to prepare ammonia which in turn is used to prepare nitrogen fertilisers. Liquid nitrogen gives very low temperature and hence it is used to preserve food, tissues and human organs.
  8. Iodine is also used as tincture iodine which is used as an antiseptic. Its compound, Potassium Iodide is mixed with table salt and sold as iodised salt.
  9. Chlorine is a disinfectant and used as such to purify potable water. It is used to manufacture bleaching powder, DDT, BHC, etc.

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