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Ferrous Minerals

These minerals play a very important role in the development of the metallurgical industries of our country.

India is fairly rich in the deposits of ferrous minerals and it also exports such minerals after meeting its internal demands.

Iron Ore

India is blessed with good quality iron ore like Magnetite and Hematite


This ore consists of more than 70% of iron. It is very useful for electrical industries due to its excellent magnetic qualities.




Hematite consists of 50-60% of iron. This is the most commonly used for industrial purposes.



Distribution : There are four major iron ore belts in India

i. Orissa - Jharkhand belt

Important mines in this belt are Badampahar mines in Kendujhar and Mayurbanj districts of Orissa

Gua and Noamundi mines in Jharkhand

ii. Durg - Basthar - Chandrapur belt in Chattisgarh and Maharashtra

Important mines here are in the Bailadila hills in Basthar district of Chattisgarh

iii. Bellary - Chitradurga - Chikmaglur belt in Karnataka

Kudremukh mines are the important mines of this region.

iv Maharashtra - Goa belt

Important mines are located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.



This is used for manufacturing steel and Ferro-manganese alloys.

Other uses include manufacturing of bleaching powder, insecticides and paints.

Manganese ore

Distribution - Orissa is the largest producer. Other important producers are Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh


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