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  • Minerals play an important role in the economic and industrial development of a country.
  • Minerals are generally found in "ores", which is actually an accumulation of any mineral mixed with other elements.
  • Mineral is a naturally occurring, homogeneous inorganic solid substance having a definite chemical composition and characteristic crystalline structure, color, and hardness.
  • Minerals generally occur in many forms.
  • India is fortunate in having fairly rich and varied mineral resources, but the minerals in India are unevenly distributed.
  • Minerals like coal, mica an many non-metallic minerals are found in the peninsular rocks.
  • Petroleum deposits are found in Assam and Gujarat.
  • Many non-ferrous minerals are found in rocks of Rajasthan.
  • There are no mineral deposits in the Northern plains of India.
  • India is fairly rich in the deposits of ferrous minerals and it also exports such minerals after meeting its internal demands.
  • Manganese is used for manufacturing steel and Ferro-manganese alloys.
  • Energy is an indispensable requirement in modern life. It may be manual or animal and mechanical or electrical.
  • Per capita consumption of electricity is considered as an index of development.
  • With increasing demand for energy, the non-conventional sources of energy, namely sun, wind, tide, biomass and energy from waste material, have gained importance in recent years.
  • We have to use our resources judiciously and in a planned way so that we can have a sustained development.

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