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Community and Society

Novels are read mostly by city dwellers. The novels created in them a feeling of connection with the rural communities.

Thomas Hardy was a famous British novelist, of the 19th century. He wrote about the rural communities of England.

Thomas Hardy

Mayor of Casterbridge

One of Hardy’s very famous novels was Mayor of Casterbridge. It was written in 1886. The hero of the novel was Michael Henchard, is a successful grain merchant, who eventually became the mayor of the farming town of Casterbridge. He is an independent-minded man who follows his own style in conducting business. He is portrayed as being unpredictably generous and cruel with his employees. The hero’s rival is projected as being even-tempered. From these characterisations we see that Hardy mourns the loss of the more personalised world that is disappearing, even as he is aware of its problems and the advantages of the new order.

The novel, Mayor of Casterbridge is written in the language that is spoken by the common people. The novel produces the sense of a shared world between diverse people in a nation, by using different spoken languages.

Different styles of language are used in novels making them interesting. A novel may use a classical language and interlace it with the language of the streets and make them all a part of the vernacular that it uses.

Like the nation, the novel brings together many cultures.

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