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  • A Novel is a long work of written fiction
  • The novel is a modern form of literature and the invention of printing made this form of literature possible.
  • Novels became popular in England and France, initially. Novels were first written in the seventeenth century but flourished only from the eighteenth century.
  • In the beginning novels were costly and the poor could not afford to by it. When circulating libraries started, the poor had access to novels.
  • Technological improvements in printing also brought down the price of books.
  • Most novels were about ordinary everyday life of common people.
  • Different styles of language are used in novels making them interesting.
  • The middle classes become more prosperous in the 18th century. Women had leisure time to read as well as write novels.
  • Women drew upon their own experience, wrote about family life and earned public recognition.
  • Women novelists not only popularised the domestic role of women, they also dealt with women who broke established norms of society.
  • Novels for young boys idealised a new type of man. The heroes of these novels were powerful, assertive, independent and daring.
  • Novels during colonialisation made the readers feel that they were part of a superior community of fellow colonialists.
  • The modern novel form developed in India only in the nineteenth century.
  • Novels began appearing in south Indian languages during the period of colonial rule.
  • Chandu Menon, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Premchand were some of the popular regional writers in India.
  • The novel became a popular medium of entertainment among the middle class in India.
  • Many novels of 19th century revealed the problems of the nation.
  • Premchand’s novels are filled with powerful characters drawn from all walks of society. Aristocrats and landlords, peasants and landless labourers, middle-class professionals and people from the margins of society feature in his novels. 

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