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The Publishing Market

In the beginning novels were costly and the poor could not afford to by it. When circulating libraries started, the poor had access to novels. Circulating Libraries came into existence in 1740.

Circulating Libraries

Technological improvements in printing also brought down the price of books. Publishers used different method to sell their books. Their marketing strategies led to expanded sales. In France, publishers hired out novels by the hour and made huge profits.


The novel was one of the first mass-produced items to be sold.

There were several reasons for its popularity.

  • The worlds created by novels were absorbing and believable.
  • The reader was transported to another world
  • The reader began looking at life as it was experienced by the characters of the novel.
  • Novels allowed individuals the pleasure of reading in private
  • Readers enjoyed discussing stories they ha read with friends or relatives.
  • In rural areas people gathered to hear the public reading of a novel.
  • The reader was usually deeply involved in the lives of the characters.
  • People of the village of Slough in England identified themselves with ‘Pamela’ the heroine of Richardson’s popular novel, as she was married in their village, in the novel.

    In 1836 Charles Dickens’s Pickwick Papers was serialised in a magazine. Magazines were attractive since they were illustrated and not costly.

    Serialisation created a sense of suspense, and the readers discussed the characters of a novel for weeks.

    An Illustration from Charles Dickens’s Pickwick Papers

    Charles Dickens

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