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Democracy and Social Diversity

Democracies have a responsibility of creating a society that is safe and harmonious for its citizen. Differences among ethnic populations should be sorted out amicably in democracies. They should develop a procedure that would reduce tension in times of trouble.

A society without conflict is not possible because it is made up of a people from different walks of life and different backgrounds. Difference of opinion is bound to arise and it is the responsibility of the government to settle it amicably and without hardship to anyone.

Democracies should ensure that...

  • Different persons or groups are elected and form a government. 
  • A majority community in terms of religion or race or linguistic group should not come to power. 
  • Citizen should have a chance of being in the majority. 
  • No one should be barred on the basis of birth from being in the majority for then democratic rule ceases to be accommodative for that person or group.

Democracy is simply not the rule of the majority. Majority has to work hand in hand with the minority s the government is represented by all sections of the people.

Democracy is best suited to produce this equality among all groups of society. Non-democratic regimes often ignore or brutally suppress internal social differences.

The ability to handle social differences, divisions and conflicts is a definite plus point of democratic regimes.

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