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Dignity and Freedom of the Citizens

The dignity and freedom of the individual is well preserved in a democracy. It is natural that every individual wants to receive respect from fellow beings. Often conflicts arise among individuals because some feel that they are not treated with due respect.

Respect and freedom are the basis of democracy.
In non-democratic countries people do not enjoy freedom as they have always been dominated. They have been treated as sub-ordinates.


In democratic and non-democratic countries we find that men dominated the society. Women had to struggle for equal treatment in society. In India we find that female feticide is still prevalent in villages.

In modern democracies the laws have ensured that women are treated equally in society. In a non-democratic set up, this is not possible as the principle of individual freedom and dignity is not a legal or moral force.

In India caste inequalities is another problem that the fibre of democracy faces. Atrocities and discriminations against certain castes still continue in India. The Indian government is taking all steps the set this right. This is possible in a democratic set up, as the laws of the country are against inequality of caste. Many reservation policies are in force in India, to uplift the people of the lower castes.

As people enjoy the benefit of democracy they want to make democracy even better.

A democracy transforms people from the status of a subject into that of a citizen.

In a democracy most individuals today believe that their vote makes a difference to the way the government is run and to their own self-interest.


The United Nations has declared 15 September as the International Day of Democracy

For your Information
One of the earliest instances of civilizations with democracy, was found in the republics of ancient India, which were established sometime before 6th century BC, and prior to the birth of Gautama Buddha. These republics were known as Maha Janapadas. Vaishali, the modern state of Bihar, India, would be the world's first republic.

Vaishali, the world's first republic

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