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How to Assess DDemocracy's Outcomes

The Democratic form of government was preferred by the people of many countries. They opposed Dictatorship or any other form of government.

The reasons why democracy was preferred were…

  • Democracy promotes equality among its citizens.
  • It enhances the dignity of the individual.
  • People are free to make decisions.
  • Conflicts are solved amicably.
  • In a democracy there is room to correct mistakes.

To find out if the above mentioned points are fulfilled in a democratic country, these countries have to be assessed.

Even today there are conflicting views on democracy and its effectiveness. Some felt that democracy was good in principle but was not practical.

Today more than hundred countries of the world are democratic. They have a formal constitution; they hold elections, have political parties and guarantee rights to its citizens.

The society, culture and economic achievements of democracies differ from one another.

A democratic government is expected to solve the socio-economic and political problems of a country, but one must understand that democracy is only a form of government and it is the people who run the government and the citizens, who can bring prosperity to a country.

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