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Reduction of Inequality and Poverty

The development strategies of a democracy should always work towards the goal of reducing the gap between the rich and the poor.

Economic growth should ensure that wealth is distributed in such a way that all citizens of the country will have a share and lead a better life.

In a democracy it is possible to provide equal opportunity to all the citizens to prosper because democracies are based on political equality. All individuals have equal right in electing their representatives.

In practise we find that democracies have not been able to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. In most democracies a small number of rich enjoy a highly disproportionate share of wealth while the poor find it difficult to meet the basic needs of life, such as food, clothing, house, education and health.

It is the duty of a democratic country to lift the poor from the clutches of poverty, for all citizens have equal rights in a democracy. Programmes, for the upliftment of the poor are necessary. Free education, free health care is very necessary in poor democracies. India is implementing many schemes for the upliftment of the poor. The gap between the poor and the rich is slowly becoming narrower in India.

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Since the early 1950s, government of India has initiated many schemes to help the poor attain self sufficiency in food production. The most important initiative has been the supply of basic commodities, particularly food at controlled prices, available throughout the country as poor spend about 80 percent of their income on food.


Programs like Food for work and National Rural Employment Program have attempted to use the unemployed to generate productive assets and build rural infrastructure. Other anti- poverty programs include Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Program.

Food for Work Programme

 National Rural Employment Program

Work provided under Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Program

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