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  • The Democratic form of government was preferred by the people of many countries.
  • A democratic government is expected to solve the socio-economic and political problems of a country, but one must understand that democracy is only a form of government and it is the people who run the government and the citizens, who can bring prosperity to a country
  • A government it has to be efficient, effective, accountable, responsible, responsive and legitimate
  • Deliberation and negotiation cause delay. So in a democracy there is a possibility of delay when some major decisions have to be taken.
  • Factors that determine the economic growth of a country are population, size, natural resources, relationship with other countries, global situation, geographic position, economic policies of the government.
  • The development strategies of a democracy should always work towards the goal of reducing the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Democracies have a responsibility of creating a society that is safe and harmonious for its citizen.
    The dignity and freedom of the individual is well preserved in a democracy.

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