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In our daily life we classify many things.


Example : animals are classified as wild, domestic, birds, reptiles etc. and plants as trees, bushes, herbs, shrubs etc.,


We classify matter as solid, liquids and gases. Learning the properties or behavior of one or two particular members gives us an idea about the rest of the members of the group. Thus classification helps the process of learning easy. In nineteenth century the classification or grouping of the elements was an important progress in chemistry. The determination of relative atomic masses of elements enabled the chemists to understand and organize many of the physical and chemical properties of elements. The earliest attempts to classify elements were to group them as metals and non-metals. Metals were further classified as alkali metals and alkaline earth metals. Such classification was based on their particular chemical properties. To study the chemistry of over 100 elements, which combine with each other in various ways to give million compounds and the classification of elements, which has become very important.

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