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  • Democracy involves conflicting interests and opinions
  • There are different ways through which ordinary citizen can play a role in democracy.
  • The movement in Nepal was aimed at restoring democracy.
  • Girija Prasad Koirala was chosen as the new Prime Minister of the interim government, by the SPA.
  • In Bolivia the people struggled successfully against privatisation of water
  • Democracy is evolved through popular struggles and Mass mobilisation resolves democratic conflict.
  • New political organisations form the basis of these conflicts and mobilisations.
  • The agencies of organised politics include political parties,pressure groups and movement groups. These organisations play their role in two ways --- direct and indirect.
  • Government policies are influenced by a few organizations called Pressure groups.
  • Pressur Groups can be classified as Sectional Interest Groups and Public Interest Groups
  • Some movements are Issue specific movements such as the Narmada Bachao Andolan in India movement.
  • Politics is influenced in a variety of ways by the pressure groups and movements
  • Public interest groups and movements perform a useful role when governments come under undue pressure from a small group of rich and powerful people and

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