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Further Innovations

During the late eighteenth century, the press was made out of metal. Innovations in printing technology continued. Soon, Richard M. Hoe of New York perfected the power-driven cylindrical press. This machine was capable of printing 8,000 sheets per hour.

Newspapers were printed in this press.

Very soon the offset press was developed and it could print up to six colours at a time.

In the 20th century electrically operated presses accelerated printing operations.

Richard M. Hoe

More Innovations Followed

  • Methods of feeding paper improved
  • The quality of plates became better
  • Automatic paper reels and photoelectric controls of the colour register were introduced.

All these innovation led to improved print quality and appearance. Innovations were also seen in the type of matter printed. Periodicals serialised important novels, which gave birth to a new way of writing novels. In the 1920s in England, popular works were sold in cheap series, called the Shilling Series. The dust cover or the book jacket was another innovation.

Fearing a decline in book sales, during the Great Depression publishers brought out cheap books.

Shilling Series


Book Jackets

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