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New Forms of Publication

Printing induced writing. More and more people could now read and they wanted to see their own lives, experiences, emotions and relationships reflected in the books they read.

The novel

‘The novel’ :- is a literary form which developed in Europe. It is a long work of written fiction. Most novels involve many characters and tell a complex story by placing the characters in a number of different situations. Novels are generally 200 pages or more.

  • This form of writing catered to the needs of many people.
  • It soon acquired a distinctive Indian form and style.
  • It opened up new worlds of experience for the readers and provided a vivid sense of the diversity of human lives.

Other forms of writing

  • Lyrics
  • Short stories
  • Essays about social and political matters.

Visual images were soon reproduces by printing presses. Painters like Raja Ravi Varma produced images for mass circulation. Poor wood engravers made woodblocks print shops. Beautifully printed calendars were easily available in the bazaar and they decorate the homes of the poor people. These prints began shaping popular ideas about modernity and tradition, religion and politics, and society and culture.

Raja Ravi Varma

Painting by Raja Ravi Varma

Caricatures and cartoons were also popular with the reading public. Social and political issues were portrayed with humour.

                                                  Caricatures and Cartoons

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