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Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation

Washing away of the top soil by different agents of gradation and human activities is called soil erosion.



Factors leading to soil erosion

  • Natural agents
  • Deforestation
  • Over grazing
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Defective methods of farming.

Running water which is a natural agent cuts through the clayey soils and make deep channels called gullies and this type of erosion is called gully erosion.

  Gully Erosion

The land which becomes unfit for cultivation as a result of soil erosion is called bad land.

These badn lands are called ravines in Chambal Valley

In certain areas, the top soil is washed layer by layer. This type of soil erosion is called Sheet erosion.


Sheet erosion

Soil Conservation Measures


Contour Ploughing


Step cultivation on hill slopes


Strip cropping

Planting of shelter belts of plants to prevent wind erosion

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