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  • Building should be constructed to with stand natural disasters like earthquakes; landslides; cyclones and floods because building collapse during these disasters cause the maximum damage to people and property.
  • The most successful way to minimize loss to life and property during earthquakes is to build disaster resistant buildings.
  • Building collapse is the major cause for loss of life during an earthquake. So, to overcome this we have to build buildings that can withstand earthquakes.
  • In India landslides are common in the hilly regions of the south and in the Himalayan regions of the north and they cause a lot of damage to life and property.
  • Seasonal inspection and regular maintenance of the drainage system by the authorities is essential for miminising the loss caused due to landslides.
  • Floods occur when soil and vegetation cannot absorb all the water; water then runs off the land in quantities that cannot be carried in stream channels or retained in natural ponds or dams.
  • People should avoid building houses on river banks or near the sea coast. Houses should be built at least 250 meters away from the river banks.
  • Buildings should be built on an elevated platform. Buildings in flood prone areas can be built on stilts or columns.
  • Cyclone is another natural disaster that affects people and property to a large extent.
  • The damage to life and property during cyclones can be minimised having a shelter belt plantation across the wind direction in coastal areas.

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