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Organised and Unorganised Sectors


The three economic sectors (Primary, secondary and tertiary) can be further classified under the Organised or Unorganised sectors.


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Organised sector

Unorganised sector


The enterprises or places of work where the terms of employment are regular and therefore, people have assured work. They are registered by the government and have to follow its rules and regulations which are given in various laws such as the Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Shops and Establishments Act etc.

The enterprises or places of work are not registered by the government and does not follow any rules or regulations. There are no terms of employment.



Workers enjoy security of employment.

Workers do not enjoy security of employment.


They work only fixed number of hours. If they work more they get paid more.

There is no fixed number of hours.


Worker enjoy benefits like paid leave, Provident fund and medical benefits.

Workers do not enjoy any benefits.


Organised Sector

Unorganised Sector

Protection of Workers in the Unorganised Sector
The unorganized sector comprises mainly of workers in small scale industries, casual workers in the construction trade and transport sectors and those who work as street vendors, head-load workers, garment makers and rag pickers. Protection and support for the unorganised sector workers is very necessary for both economic and social development. The government laws protecting these workers should be strictly implemented and those who exploit these workers should be punished severely.

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