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Public and Private Sector

The three economic sectors (Primary, secondary and tertiary) can be further classified under the Public and Private sector on the basis of who owns the assets (company) and who is responsible for delivering the service.

In the public sector, the government owns most of the assets and provides all the services.  

In the private sector, ownership of assets and delivery of services is in the hands of private individuals or companies.

The activities of the Public sector is to serve the people while the activities of the Private sector are mainly guided by the motive to earn profits.

Sl. No.

Public Sector

Private Sector



Tata Iron and Steel Company


Postal Service

Reliance Industries Ltd. 


Supply of Electricity

Amusement Parks


Supply of portable water



Public Sector

Private Sector

Public Sector
Some activities that require huge investments are under taken by the government.


1. Construction of roads
2. Railways
3. Harbour
4. Generating electricity
5. Irrigation through dams


Some essential services are also under taken by the government.

1. Health services ( Hospitals)
2. Education
3. Civic activities
4. Portable water supply


Many of these activities are also undertaken by the Private sector, but they charge a high rate for their services, which is not affordable by a majority of people. Therefore it is the duty of the Public sector ( Government) to provide all the essential services and take care of the poor in the country and ensure a balanced development in the nation.

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