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If you were the Relief Commissioner of the State of Assam which is affected by floods every year, list out five departments that you need to contact.

The five departments that the Relief Commissioner of the State of Assam has to contact are ….
  • Health Department
  • Irrigation Department
  • Department of Water and sanitation
  • Police Department
  • Fire services


List out four members of the Disaster Management Committee at the District level.

Officers from the Health; Irrigation; Veterinary; Police; Fire Services and the Water and Sanitation department are members of the District Disaster Management Committee.


Write the main aim of the National Cadet Corp.

The National Cadet Corps aims at creating human resource of organised, trained and activated youth. Members of the NCC are always ready to serve the Nation during any emergency.


List the organisations which help the state government functionaries in responding to disasters

The organisations which help the state government functionaries in responding to disasters are ………..
The United Nations Disaster Management Team – India Indian Armed Forces National Cadet Corps Civil Defence National Service Scheme Nehru Yuva Kendras Home Guards


Explain the role of Central Government in responding to disasters.

Role of the Central government during a disaster depends on the gravity of the disaster. Depending on the gravity of the situation the Centre decides the scale of relief operations. The Centre provides financial support and other logistical support to the state government that faces any disaster.


All natural disasters are coordinated by the Ministry of Home affairs. Drought alone is taken care of by the Ministry of Agriculture.

When we talk of man-made disasters like accidents different Central government Ministries handle them.

Air accidents                                       - Ministry of Civil Aviation

Railway accidents                                - Ministry of Railways

Chemical, Biological & Nuclear disasters - Ministry of Home Affairs

Epidemics                                           - Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

This distribution of responsibility is done to make the disaster management more effective and fast.

The Prime Minister; the Ministers of the Union Cabinet and the National Crisis Management Committee are collectively responsible for the decisions taken for disaster management.

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