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Role of the State Government during a Disaster


In the State level disaster management it is the responsibility of the Chief Minister or the Chief Secretary of the State. All decisions on relief operations are taken by them.


Work is further delegated to the Relief Commissioner who is in charge of relief and rehabilitation measures. He functions under the directive of the State level committee.

The Secretary of the Department of Revenue is sometimes in charge of relief measures.


Disaster Management at the District Level

  • Government plans for disaster management are implemented by the District Administration.
  • The actual ground work for relief is the responsibility of the District Magistrate, the District Collector and the Deputy Commissioner. They coordinate and supervise the relief work.
  • The District Disaster Management Committee is headed by the District Magistrate.
  • Officers from the Health; Irrigation; Veterinary; Police; Fire Services and the Water and Sanitation department are members of this committee.
  • The District Disaster Management Committee takes decisions on the relief measure and these decisions are carried out by the Disaster Management Team.
  • Trained personnel from all the departments carry out the relief measures.
  • Main function of the District Disaster Management Committee

    • The committee prepares the District Disaster Management Plan for the State Administration.
    • The committee trains members of the Disaster Management Team in rescue and relief operations.
    • The Committee carries out mock rescue drills as a preparation for disaster management.

    Disaster Management at the Block level
    The Block Development Officer or the Taluka Development Officer is in charge of rescue and relief operations at the block level. They head the Disaster Management Committee at the block level.


    Officers of all the other government departments at the block level are members of this committee.

    The block Disaster Management Plan is prepared by this committee. The Committee coordinates and trains its members for disaster management. Mock drills are also carried out by the committee.

    Disaster Management at the Village level
    The village Disaster management committee is headed by the Village Sarpanch or the village headman.


    He prepares the Village Disaster Management Plan and coordinates with the various agencies during a disaster.

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