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How Long Will an Energy Source Last Us?

Basically we can divide the sources of energy into two types:
  1. Renewable source of energy
  2. Non-renewable source of energy


If we replace the biomass by the trees we cut for firewood, we can be assured of a constant supply of energy at a particular rate. Such energy sources that can be regenerated are called renewable source of energy.
On the other hand, we cannot depend on fossil fuels for a long time. Such sources that get depleted some day are said to be exhaustible or non-renewable source of energy.
Though a source of renewable energy may last for billions of years, renewable energy infrastructure, like hydroelectric dams, will not last forever, and must be removed and replaced at some point. Events like the shifting of riverbeds, or changing weather patterns could potentially alter or even halt the function of hydroelectric dams, lowering the amount of time they are available to generate electricity.

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