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Energy refers to a kind of force or power that enables us to do work. Nature has provided us with a variety of natural sources of energy. The Sun, wind, water, coal, petroleum, etc., are all natural sources of energy. Some of these are renewable like solar energy and wind energy, while some others like coal and petroleum are non-renewable sources of energy that can get depleted over a period of time.

Energy is needed for carrying out all kinds of activities right from cooking a meal to running an industry. Heat energy, obtained by burning fuels like wood, coal, kerosene or cooking gas is used for cooking our food. The energy obtained from fuels like petrol and diesel is used to run cars buses, trucks and trains. Coal and natural gas are used to provide energy in factories. Diesel is used to provide energy to run pump-sets for irrigation in agriculture. Electrical energy is used for lighting bulbs and tubes and to run radio, television, household appliances, electric trains and factory machines. Electricity is generated by transforming other forms of energy like the chemical energy of coal or the potential energy of water stored in a high dam built across a river. In fact, all our daily activities use energy in one form or the other. If there is no energy, all our activities will come to a halt. For example, if there is no energy, we won’t be able to cook food or run machines in factories or pump-sets in agriculture. So energy is essential for our survival in this world. We will now discuss the various sources, which can provide us energy.

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