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  • Mechanical energy is classified as kinetic and potential energy.
  • Thermal energy operates heat engines.
  • Acoustical energy produces electric current in microphone which does work (operates loud speaker).
  • Magnetic energy produces electric current in dynamos.
  • Electrical energy is useful in many fields.
  • Atomic and nuclear energy: A huge source of energy which is dangerous if not properly controlled.
  • Chemical energy: It is released during chemical reactions. Energy stored in our food is chemical energy.
  • Internal Energy: It is possessed by the molecules of different substances.
  • Mass energy: Mass can also be converted into energy according to Einstein’s formula.
  • Our energy requirements increase with our standard of living
  • In order to fulfill our energy requirements, we try to improve the efficiency of energy usage and also try and exploit new sources of energy.
  • We also need to look for new sources of energy because the conventional sources of energy like fossil fuels are in danger of getting exhausted soon.
  • The energy source we select would depend on factors like the ease and cost of extracting energy from the source, the efficiency of the technology available for using that source of energy and the environmental impact of using that source.
  • Many of the sources ultimately derive their energy from the sun.

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