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First Aid for Frost Bite, Bleeding and Electrocution

Frost Bite :-
Frost bites occur when the body tissues freeze after exposure to very low temperature.

First the frostbitten areas should be covered with warm hands. The affected areas can be immersed in warm water. Then the area should be covered with warm material.

One should be careful not to rub the affected area with ice crystals. The patient should not be allowed to walk and one should ensure that any ensuing blisters should not be broken.

Bleeding :-
Cuts, scraps and punctures can result in bleeding.


Pressure should be applied on the bleeding spot to stop the bleeding. The patient should be made to raise the injured part above the level of the heart so that bleeding reduces. The wound should be bandaged once heavy bleeding stops so that the exposed are is not infected and further bleeding is restricted.

Pressure being applied for a bleeding injury

The injured part being raised above the level of the heart

Bandaging the wound

Electrocution :-
When a person gets a electric shock it is called electrocution.

Electricity can be very dangerous if it is not used carefully. It very important for the person administrating first aid to remember not to touch the person who is receiving the electric shock with his bare hands. The electric shock will be transmitted to the helper also. The source of electricity should first be switched off, and then the person should be pushed away with the help of a wooden stick.

Then if there are any burns it should be treated in the same way other burns are treated.

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