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First Aid for Heart Stroke, Dog Bite and Dehydration

Heart Stroke :-
When the body cooling system fails and the body temperature rises, an emergency condition called the heat stroke is created.

The conditions of a heat stroke are…

  • High body temperature
  • No sweating
  • Fast pulse rate
  • Dilated pupils
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • The body temperature has to be brought down by removing or loosening the clothes and fanning the person. An ice pack could be used to lower the temperature. Fluids could be administered and the person should be kept away from hot places.

    First-aid for a heat-stroke patient

    Dog Bite :-
    The first thing that has to be done when a person is bitten by a dog is to wipe the dog’s saliva and clean the wound thoroughly. The person giving first aid should be careful a not to come in contact with the saliva. The area that was bitten has to be covered with a dry sterile cloth after it has been washed. The patient has to be taken to the hospital immediately for further treatment.

    Dehydration :-
    Loss of salt and water in the body is called dehydration. An Oral dehydration solution prepared by dissolving a pinch of salt and a tea-spoon of sugar in a glass of water has to be given to a person who has been dehydrated. The Oral dehydration solution helps in restoring the electrolyte balance of the body and in re-hydrating it.

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