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First Aid for Snake Bites, Fractures and Poisoning

Snakebites :-
The bitten limb should be kept below the level of the heart. The bite should be allowed to bleed freely for 10 minutes so that the poison drains out of the body. A firm bandage should be applied 2 inches away from the wound. The area should be washed with soap and it should be disinfected. The pulse of the victim should be monitored constantly. If the poisoning is severe, resuscitation should be carried out and the person doing it should be careful as not to swallow the poison. The patient should be taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Resuscitation being carried out for a snakebite victim

Fractures :-
When an accident injures the bones of a person, it is called a fracture.

When a bone is fractured the patient is in great pain and he will not be able to move that portion of his body.

While administering first aid for a patient with a fractured bone one should be careful not to move him. Sufficient padding and support should be given to the fractured area. Ice pack can be applied to the area if it is a sprain. One should be careful not to apply pressure on the area. The patient should be taken to the hospital after first aid is given.

Support given for a fractured limb

Treatment for a sprained ankle

Poisoning :-
Poisoning is when any substance that causes illness or death enters a body.

Poisoning can occur in three ways:

  • Ingested Poison - Eating or drinking poisonous substances.
  • Inhaled Poison - Inhaling poisonous chemical vapours.
  • Absorbed Poison - poison absorbed through the skin.
  • When one is administering first aid for a victim who has been poisoned, they should ensure that the victim’s breathing and blood circulation are normal. Water and milk can be given to dilute the poison. If the patient vomits, it should be monitored. The patient should be taken to the hospital immediately.

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