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First Aid

First aid refers to measures taken immediately after an accident. The aim of first-aid is not to cure the victim but to provide interim relief and prevent further harm, till professional help can be reached.

The goals of first-aid is ABC of basic life support

  • airway
  • breathing
  • circulation
  • The priority is to ensure that the nose is not blocked and that the victim is able to breathe oxygen-rich air and the blood circulation is proper and that the heart is kept beating.

    Action Plan for Administering First – Aid when a Person has Fainted.

    One should ensure whether the victim is conscious or not and whether he is breathing properly.


    One should ensure if the pulse is normal.

    In the event of the victim not being conscious the rescuer should find out the cause.

    Causes for fainting / state of unconsciousness.

  • Head injury
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Poisoning
  • Diabetes
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Measures to be taken when one is unconscious

    • Pinch the unconscious person and observe if he responds
    • Look for injuries
    • Loosen tight clothing
    • Keep record of the patient’s condition
    • Do not give the patient’s anything to eat or drink
    • Ensure that people do not crowd around the patient

    Measures to be taken when Somebody has Burn Injuries :-
    A burn is an injury caused to the skin when it comes in contact with fire; steam; hot liquid; hot metal; electricity or harmful chemicals.


    Burn injuries can be classified as….

  • First –degree burns – Superficial burns on the surface of the skin.
  • Second –degree burns – Deeper wound with open blisters and oozing fluid.
  • Third-degree burns – wound that destroys the skin, muscles and blood vessels.
  • While administering first aid for a burn injury the first thing a person should do is to immerse the burnt area in cool water. Remove restricting clothing before a blister forms.

    One should then cover the burnt area with a dry sterile cloth.

    In case the victim himself is on fire, then the victim should be rolled down and covered with a blanket.

    The person administering first-aid for a burn injury has to be careful not to apply any pressure on the area. Attempt should not be made to remove any material stuck on the burnt area. Oil or any other ointment should not be applied on the area.

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