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Objectives of a Search and Rescue Team

The main objective of a Search and Rescue Team is to rescue trapped survivors of a disaster. Then first-aid should be provided to the injured people. After first –aid is given further medical help should be arranged.

In the event of any deaths during the disaster, the team should ensure the immediate disposal of the bodies as this may cause health hazards for the others.

The Rescue team should seek help from the other people in the area as this would speed up the rescue operations.

Duties of the Rescuer :-

  • A rescuer should assess the area of disaster. This would save time and make the operation more effective
  • The rescuer should know the extent of the damage, how to approach the area where the disaster has taken place and all other details pertaining to the disaster.
  • The rescuer should also be aware if there is a possibility of further disaster in that particular area.
  • The rescuer should gather all the necessary information from the local people

Principles a Rescuer Should Follow while Assessing the Area of Disaster
The Rescuer should visit the place and get first hand information of the place before beginning the rescue operation.

He should listen to all the information that is available from all sources.

The Rescuer should personally feel convinced that he can carry out the operation in spite of the dangers involved in the rescue operation.

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