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Organising Search and Rescue Operations

Rescue operations are usually organised as a team work. After a disaster strikes an area, people in and around that area immediately undertake rescue operations. If the magnitude of the disaster is great then outside help is sought. Professional rescue teams are called if the rescue operation by the local people is inadequate.

  • People belonging to the local community should avoid going near the disaster area as they would be of hindrance to the rescue operation or they may be in danger themselves.
  • Team Effort is the Back Bone of Rescue Operations
    There should be cooperation among members of a Search and rescue team. The work these personnel undertake are life saving measures and the their own lives are at danger too.


    Let us see some of the qualities the Rescue team should have

    • Emotional Balance
    • Professionalism
    • Sound Physique
    • Ability to deal with emergencies
    • Willingness to work at any time
    • Honesty

    Professional Rescue Teams

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