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Precautions to be Taken during a Rescue Operation

Precautions have to be taken while rescuing a person from the rubbles of a building.

  • The rescuer has to observe the construction and collapsed portion of the building.
  • He has to check if the walls need support.
  • The rescuer has to be careful that the building does not collapse further.
  • He has to use a helmet and work in pairs, he should not go alone in case he gets trapped.
  • He has to listen carefully is case any victim is calling for help.
  • The rescuer himself has to announce his presences so that the victim may know that help is near by and respond.
  • He has to be careful about electric cables.
  • The rescuer should not light a match stick in case there is a gas leak somewhere.
  • The job of a rescuer is very dangerous. So, it is important that he follows certain do’s and don’ts.

    Do’s for a Rescuer
    The rescuer has to always keep calm. He has to assess the extent of the rescue operation. He has to remove the debris from the victim carefully and have the necessary first –aid kit. He should administer first-aid carefully.


    Don’ts for a Rescuer
    A rescuer should not panic. He should start the rescue operation only if he has all the necessary equipment. He should not touch any open wires or violate safety measures.

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