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  • We need to be prepared for natural or man-made disasters and we need survival skills to save ourselves and others.
  • Search and Rescue operations have always played a major role in disaster management and this cannot be done by amateurs, it needs technical expertise.
  • After a disaster strikes an area, people in and around that area immediately undertake rescue operations.
  • The main objective of a Search and Rescue Team is to rescue trapped survivors of a disaster.
  • The Rescuer should personally feel convinced that he can carry out the operation in spite of the dangers involved in the rescue operation.
  • The three major factors to be planned during a rescue operation are man-power, rescue equipment and the method of rescue.
  • The stretcher is very important equipment needed during nay rescue operation which can be made from locally available materials.
  • Personal equipment for the rescuer are helmet, lifejacket, gum–boots, torch and a whistle.
  • Team equipment for a search and rescue tram are, rope, ladder, cutting tools, first-aid box and a stretcher.
  • Several precautions have to be taken while rescuing a person from the rubbles of a building.
  • First aid refers to measures taken immediately after an accident.
  • The aim of first-aid is not to cure the victim but to provide interim relief and prevent further harm, till professional help can be reached.
  • The goals of first-aid is ABC of basic life support which are airway, breathing and circulation.

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