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Market for Goods through Advertisement

  • Advertisements have played an important part in expanding the markets for products, and in shaping a new consumer culture from the very beginning of the industrial age.
  • When Manchester industrialists began selling cloth in India, they put labels on the cloth bundles.
  • The label is used to popularise the place of manufacture and the name of the company.
  • Today’s industry depends on advertisements as competition is tough.
  • Advertisements make products appear desirable and necessary.
  • New consumers or buyers are created through advertisements.
  • They change the minds of the people and create new needs.
  • Advertisements appear in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, street walls and television screens.
  • In India advertisements carry images of Indian gods and goddesses.
  • By the late nineteenth century, manufacturers were printing calendars to popularise their products. Calendars became popular with the uneducated masses.
  • Like the images of gods, figures of important personalities, movie stars and politicians were also used in calendars.
  • Indian manufacturers used advertisements to spread the nationalist message of ‘swadeshi’. Their products carried the message – "if you care for the nation then buy products that Indians produce".

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